Most manufacturers are behind the times regarding baby bath tubs.  It’s difficult to make heads or tails between a bucket of water and most bulky baby bath tubs.  The baby bath struggle with these unshapely plastic receptacles is a pain in the backside for a mother who is doing her best to juggle a newborn baby with one arm, while making sturdy the bath tub and cleaning her child all at the same time.

If you have ever experienced the downright silliness and frustration that most baby bath tubs cause, you’ll find the Puj Tub baby bath tub a great boon to your sanity.  Did you know that with this inventive, fun baby bath tub you won’t have to perform acrobatics to accomplish bathing your baby?  What’s great about it is you can bathe your baby right in the sink, and not make it so hard on your back.  And the Puj Tub fits your baby like a glove, with the ability to cradle your child like he or she is used to being held.

The Puj is a wonderful little baby bath tub.  Its comforting foam that unfolds and can hang up on the wall (saving you space), and just as easily snap together and be put under the sink for a perfect fit, makes it A1 choice for ease-of-use and for keeping your baby safe.  You won’t have to worry about a squirmy baby thumping his or her head or other soft body parts on rough plastic edges, or slipping out of your grip and being mishandled.  With the Puj Tub baby bath tub it’s just snap snap, slide under the faucet in the sink, and you can have both hands in position to take on the task of cleaning your baby, since your baby is safe and in a “snuggly” position.  Your baby will rest easily on a very natural, conforming surface that won’t frighten or worry your baby.  When you are done with the baby bath tub, it stores very easily, and won’t need to clutter up the bathroom, cupboard, or closet.

Each mother anticipates with high hopes that the baby’s first bath will be enjoyable and doable.  Especially first time mothers, who may be a little bit nervous or unsure about the logistics of how to pull off the baby bath with one of the ancient, caveman baby bath tubs that they gift you with at the hospital.  For a very reasonable price the Puj Tub can erase worry and anxiety that are part of the territory with most baby baths.  A new mother has lots of other things going through her mind, and making baby’s bath time a great experience shouldn’t be cause for concern and discontent.  It won’t have to be with Puj, the baby bath tubs that get rid of any fears, and replace them with confidence and convenience.